Computer Distribution

For students, especially those who live in the rural areas cannot access the internet. Computers and modem (internet connection devices) are important for their E-learning. We will try our best to look for funds to sponsor potential students. We will approach individual donors or organizations who would be interested in donating computers to poor students. Our website will be used to connect with donors and recipients so that they can have personal communication.

Computers and modems will be awarded to schools that are interested in joining the program and meet the criteria (available time, electricity, potential to run the business after completing the e-learning, ability to manage loan...). Computers and modems will be kept in the office of the school principal to ensure that they will be used only for the best interest of the e-learning. Local partners, such as Youth CBOs and specialized NGOs, will play an important role in identifying and assisting in the selection of the schools to award computers. Computers and modems will be used for sustainable purpose.

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